New mini project.  The good folks over at, are running a competition called ‘Drink Outside the Square!’, the idea being you gotta design a coaster. This is my entry. Starting November you can vote on it. That’d be nice if you could.

My design is called ‘TEEETH’. This is stage 1. You can see the final onFacebook
#Dan Hancock Design


Tonight I bring some rad news. Sonic sold. Mission accomplished.


Yes. Thanks again to everyone involved. Jack has put this little number together (with music from BGWRDS ‘Unlock your Daughters’). If you haven’t already, go to Bleeding Heart to see Emulator, there’s gnarly as art and arcade machines galore.


Some rad news today. Mario has been sold. Thanks for the support dudes!

time off

So we’ve (Cam Mackay, Dan Hancock, Lee Fietz, Jack Halling and Elliott Bell) been interviewed for Time Off this week. Thanks for the kind words. Grab a copy. See you all Friday.


Signed but not dated, The Trampoline Company.


So here’s our mate Elle (from Bleeding Heart) getting interviewed. Onya.
Oh did I mention there’s at least 20 machines in there to play. Think Dig Dug might have my name on it Friday .. Dan


Morning, so Bleeding Heart had the VIP event last night, gotta say the standard of work is really goood. I have a feeling the cheque book might be coming out Friday night (cheque book?). Opening night is Friday, I recommend you get you laughing gear around Emulator, big ups to Bleeding Heart for having us and for putting a tip top show together. Wahhhhhhh


Yessss. My Made in the now and Brown Cardigan tee arrive in the same day. Rado.


At the West End Markets on Saturday they had this Hi 5 hair styles book.. I’m not sure what to say about this pic.


So they have these fluro pencils at Little Jane st. Needless to say they are rad.


Jack and Elliott making sonic on Fathers Day. Thanks dad


The mess continued..


Some more process shots from weekend 1 – Sonic.

Even though it is a stinky, damaging, expensive, habit… it can be quite a beautiful medium in more than one form!   this is turning into a addiction… I’ll never look at smoking the same again haha


Ok Ok i’ll stop. wuwf. Could be pushin it with this one. (Google the old WWF wrestling logo, oh and Hulk Hogans intro song. It’s worth it.)


So yeah we’re pretty much done. Shuffle has been all over the RZA this morning, so I thought i’d get a bit Wu-retail. I should just be uploading process images I guess…

process pic

The process started yesterday. The canvas’ have been let’s say primed, never to be seen again. The cigarette packs / cartons have been cut. On that note, I don’t smoke, but there’s something kind of addictive about cutting the packs. I mean I cut for 9 hours yesterday and it was ok. Maybe it was the nicotine. Just sayin. It’s Sunday. Lee and jack are here, Cam is on his way and Elliott will be here soon. Today the art starts.

watch this space

20 Sleeps until Emulator. It’s all happening.

stephanie rice

Cameron politely asked Stephanie Rice to sign some cardboard. and she did.

Just mucking around on photoshop and looking for some inspiration for the timelapse video.


More to the pile


Remember Ardi Rizal? Well he is certainly getting in early. Gees this is bad.


Wish i’d thought of this first. Well rad.


Celebrate originality. Had to happy snap it. In saying that, we’re tippy toeing around quite a few copyrights ..


“I wonder what they’re doing with all those packs ..”

Meg Ryan. Original hipster.

Thirty varieties of the the endangered species! if the shreds of  three super king packets count….


poster remix

So i’ve added some pics on The Dan Hancock Design fbook page and started layering posters i’d done. This one looked rad. Now back onto the art project

Winnie blues once again, proving to be more than just cancer sticks

Provided me with a stylish outfit for this years australia day



Mario-lboro by Jack Halling


So I saw this clip on Youtube today. I added some type ala brown cardigan and the magic begins. I probably should’ve just been collecting cigarette packs for the artwork ..


Emulator – A classic gaming inspired event. September 19-30, Bleeding Heart Gallery Ann St. Cam and Dan with the help of Jack, Elliott and Lee are contributing 2 pieces. Over the next 2 weeks, we will document it’s construction. Dan